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Why Donate?

Thank you for choosing to partner with Adonai Health & Wellbeing Centre in joining us to offer an alternative route of regaining  total health through the simple natural  laws of health God original provided for us  and through His enabling power

ADONIA  Health & Wellness  Centre is  a Not for Profit  company  This means  ADONIA  Health & Wellness Natural  Centre  is not owned by any person or organization. Instead, it is governed by a Board of Directors who work very hard behind the scenes to ensure we stay true to our mission. All donations are tax-deductible in the United Kingdom. 

ADONIA  Health & Wellnessl Centre continue to run  through the donations of  our customers to help go towards offsetting some of our financial burdens to which goes towards meeting the needs of the community. here in the UK and overseas. We are grateful for the sacrifice that has been made.


How you can Help

There are several ways you can support Adonai  Health & Wellness Centre[s mission:   




1.Make a Quick Donation to Adonai Health & Wellness Centre:    


via our website: https://www.adonaihealthandwellnesscentre.com/ 

Donate with Credit, Debit, or Paypal account and designate the area of need. or sign up for monthly donations.



                                                                                     Adonai Health & Wellness  Centre

                                                                                     Purpose:  Quick Donation



2.  You can help us significantly by purchasing products from our online shop 


  VISIT  US HERE: https://www.adonaihealthandwellnesscentre.com/


 3. Make Regular payments:  Donate with Credit, Debit, or Paypal account and designate the area of need and sign up for monthly donation.                              

You can make one-time donations through our store in multiples of £1, £5, £10 and more. You don’t need a PayPal account, you can use a credit or debit card. Donating through the store also allows you to keep track of previous donations you have made.

4. Via ebay=  ADONAI Health & Wellness Store.  

We rely on the regular gifts of our customers to keep us online and growing. Your ongoing support is a source of encouragement to us.


ADONIA  Health & Wellness Centre  accepts various types of donated items, which we sell through eBay. Donations can also be made directly to us via your Ebay sales purchases. The income supports ADONIA  Health & Wellness  CentreS' projects here in the UK and abroad . Please call us at 044 -7484775131  to discuss which types of items we accept and how to send them to us.. 

5.  You may also donate by phone or email using your card details

6.  Write to us.                                                                                                               

Mailing Address:

Adonai Health & Wellness Centre
71-75 Shelton Street  

Covent Garden


Contact Us

Mobile: 07484775131

Email: info@adonaihealthandwellnesscentre.com

7.Vsit Us

Our hours are Monday-Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Booked Appt Only

Adonai Health & Wellness Centre is not funded by any church or denomination, nor do we collect usage fees from third party carriers or affiliates. We rely on the regular gifts of our viewers to keep us online and growing. Your ongoing support is great encouragement to us.

8.If you would like to do a sponsored event for us then please call and we would supply various materials to market your event.

9. Via Word of Mouth 

A simple and effective method of informing others of  our services than simply word of mouth.If you are unable to donate at this time please feel  free to pass on our details to family and friendGo on – tell your family and friends.  

10.Your Prayers

Aboveall we ask for your prayers and encouragement. 

There is no better way of promoting our services than though your prayers for Adonai’s success.

"O that you would realize that each moment is golden"                                         E. G. White 'Maranatha'

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