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Want to be become a vegan but dont how then let us teach you how

Depression Recovery Programme

The influence of the mind on the body, as well as of the body on the mind is well documented. Once a week for 12  weeks, you will not want to miss our world famous Depression Recovery Programme. 

Raw juicing is an essential part of your new dietary reform. Attend one of sessions to learn how to juice. 

This is a great place to tell people more about your special day and get them excited to celebrate.

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Health Consultations

Option to attend one of two options: Basic & Comprehensive Health Consultancy. Book Now!

Three options available Bronze Silver & Gold

Never before in the history of mankind has there been such a toll of diseases upon society including Diabeties  Cancer Rheumatology, Asthma and many others Reduce your risk. Prevention is better than cure

Are you in a rut and dont know where to start with your new health journey? Book in for a 1-1 session and we will help you o your way

Healthy Shopping Tours

Book unto one of our shopping tours in your area

You will not want to miss any of our delightful health retreats in the Uk and Worldwide

Herbal Remedies

Learn how to make up to 15 different beauty and householdproducts in one day using natural ingredients

Simple water treatments has been used for centuries to treat variuos illness. learn how to master the techniques

Life Coaching

Do you  want to start make lifestyle changes but dont know how to then book on a 1 to 1 Health Coach session with us

Learn how to make up to 15 different beauty and householdproducts in one day using natural ingredients

Learn how to do basic Massage techniques, use of salt treatments, charcoal therapies and meor

Stop Smoking

Tried tofew weeks  stop smoking and not been able to then come on a weekly course for a few weeks..You wont be disappointed

      Weight Loss Programme

Try our amazing weight loss programme

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Great service.

Loved the health Retreat last year. Cant wait for this years retreat to unwind

Highly Recommended