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Our Retreat Destinations

Adonai Health & Wellness Centre  Spa  Retreats is something you will not want to miss. Whether you are seeking to relaxing holiday or to prevent ill-health or looking for a natural alternative to treat your condition then give us a call for further information. Our Health & Wellness Retreats are located all over the world from here in the Uk  to Africa, New Zealand, South America to the countries  in Europe. 

Due to the popularity of our Retreats unfortunately bookings are limited. Bookings are taken on a first come first, first serve basis.  It is advisable to keep  on checking our website on a regular basis for our upcoming retreats here or subscribe to our email update here

If you do not see a holiday that appeals to you down below please email 



We have a number of flexible payment options

With our low deposit and payment options you can now pay monthly towards your health retreat. 

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Join us on one of great retreats

Explore the peace  and beauty of our countryside venues or seaside resort

Now Reduced. Starts from £150pp

From £150


Savor the splendour of Caribbean  life- sun sea and blue skies. 

From £899pp



Picture yourself on a Mediterranean  island basking in the lovely warm climate and azure blue skies. 

From:    £500

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Camel and Pyramids


To be Arranged

You will love Egypt with its friendly people, hot climate, tasteful food,  many shops and world famous monuments and cultural landmarks . Its an experience not to be  miss

From £480 

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Turkish flower.jpg


To be Arranged

Turkey is famous for its position as the gateway to Asia from Europe. It is where East meets West making it a unique HOLIDAY 

From £350pp

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To be Arranged

The most visited Mediterranean country in Europe Spain has much to offer the traveler. From beautiful weather to fantastic beaches 

From:£350 pp

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"O that you would realize that each moment is golden"                                         E. G. White 'Maranatha'

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