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Who we are?
Adonai Health & Wellness Centre is a not- for- Profit health and wellness natural centre .
Our services  cater for individuals or companies who wish to  participate in our wellness programs
to prevent  ill-health or benefit others who wishes to rebuild healthy lives damaged  by a lifetime of abusing the body
intentionally or otherwise. We primarily do this through a variety of educational methods: in a classroom;
setting,  in  the home, at corporate companies work sites  or at any of our carefully selected health retreat venues. 
What we do?
We provide health spa & wellness retreats throughout the  UK and international. Clients may attend our Spas on a day visit weekend visit, or a weekly visit.  There are options to choose retreats that meets your specifications
Adonai Health & Wellness Centre also offers a range of lifestyle educational health courses and training
with a particular emphasis on delivering consultative, solution based training  to corporate
businesses and private clients within a group or private setting  
Our other services includes  natural remedies workshops, healthy cooking demos and juicing.
We also offer health consultations  and health examinations have a number of products to purchase
Our Aim
*We aim to ensure all of our clients experience the best care and attention, serenity, rejuvenation and
renewal at our  health & wellness  retreats.
*We also endeavour to operate at a high standard.
Our  Philosophy
Adonai Health & Wellness Centre provides an wholistic approach to health and we believe that  in-order
to achieve optimum well-being, our  clients has to regain and integrate their spiritual, physical and mental faculties.
Our underlying ethos is based within a chistian-based community. We strive to direct our
clients to the Great Healer who alone understands our physical and mental needs.
We offer hope within a supportive environment.   Our underlying principles
are based on the eight natural laws of health.
Our Guarantee
Adonai Health & Wellness Centre specialize in products  that are  100% natural, free from  harmful
         chemicals and are globally inspired, innovative, unique, and revolutionary. Most importantly,
our impact is results-oriented. We source our products from carefully selected companies
to bring you high quality products. We strive to meet our clients requirements promptly 
to ensure success and growing partnerships, thereby assisting them in reaching abundant
health and well-being.  Our comprehensive range of products is aimed towards
anyone who wishes to put their health and well-being first. 
The products that we exclusively recommend on our online store are not only
 appealing to the eye, aromatic to smell, nutritious to the tastebuds and soothing to
the touch where applicable, but also have a  healing effect, thus creating
a holistic experience to complete the client's journey.  
Our Results
      We believe in results– whether a natural standalone remedy or  part of a combined package.
To be effective a program of care will require persistence and faith, then  healing will occur, so we
do strongly encourage a persevering attitude  . Such determination should envelop the mind, body and soul.



          its time for a change!

About Adonai Health & Wellness Centre

"O that you would realize that each moment is golden"                                         E. G. White 'Maranatha'

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