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ADONIA  Health & Wellness Centre

Our hours are


9 a.m. to 6.00 p.m 

Friday & Sundays

9am to  2pm

Closed Saturdays 


nfo@adonaihealthand wellnesscentre.com

Registered Office

71-75  Shelton Street

Covent Garden




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It is not the purpose of this website or any of Adonai Health & Wellness services to prescribe any medication, treatment or to cure disease be it physical or mental, The shared information is only for educational purposes and is not to be used as medical advice for any treatment. Rather it relays Adonai Health &Wellness Ministry's  biblical understanding of how to cooperate with God in the work of healing. He alone is the GREAT HEALER.


The use or misuse of any information contained herein is at the sole discretion of the user. For treatment of any naturopathic or allopathic medicine we advise you to discuss with your Doctor first; but for ultimate healing see the Great Physician (Psalms 103:1-3)

"O that you would realize that each moment is golden"                                         E. G. White 'Maranatha'

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