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Adonai Health & Wellness Centre now offers Health & Wellness Spa retreats all over the UK

and Worldwide.

Whct to expect at our Retreats

A warm atmosphere combined with quality standard awaits you at Adonai Health Spa Retreat

Our Spas are located in the peace and tranquility of the countryside or seaside and is a world away from the stresses and strains of modern living. Whether you want to address health problems, de-stress from your cares and worries, get fit or simply ‘get away from it all’, Adonai Health Spas offers a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Our packages includes accommodation,all meals,where applicable,use of the spa facilities and Health Booster treatment packages. Your health stay begins an intensive program of digestive cleansing and weight loss for well-being and relaxation. Each Health Booster package contains treatments designed to achieve the maximum results during your stay,whether you want to de-stress, detox, address ageing or start a fitness and health program. The treatments have been specially chosen to achieve the maximum results and to offer the best value. You then choose any preferred additional treatments.

Alternatively, if you would like to tailor your own stay, we offer the option of a Classic stay where stays include a treatment for each night of the stay

Our Professional Team consists of qualified Doctors, Nurses Medical Missionary Nutritionist, Psychologist & Spa Therapist  &  Pysiotherapists.

Our Upcoming Health Spa Retreats

Date:  Friday 25th June - Friday 2nd Jul  2021

Aberdurant Hall Holiday Park 




Date : 23rd October -29th October 2021

Hadjios Valley Hotel  4 Star   


Cyprus-15 mins from Larnaca Airport

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Tropical Paradise


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